About Babe Squad

What is Babe Squad?

Babe Squad is an interview project collecting unique stories about happiness and success. On a weekly basis, we will profile people (aka BABES) who have found new ways to reach these goals, focusing on how they got there, what they think about success and failure, and where they plan on going next. Through their stories, we hope to reveal that all of us still see room to grow, and even the most successful and upbeat among us didn’t get there without some sweat from their struggle.

We are lucky to have met so many beautiful people who take risks, accept themselves, and support rather than compete. The conversations we’ve had with them have been incredibly inspiring and helpful as we forge our own paths in a generation with no manual or precedent. We hope these babes will inspire you too!

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Who have you met? Share your babes with us, and we’ll share their stories here! Shoot us an email with details at holler@babesquad.com.

Babe Squad Founders: Kerri O’Malley, Kayla Wroblewski, Julia Novikova