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babe /bāb/:

A person that is open to the world around him or her, strives to be themselves in the face of inevitable hardship, sees beyond what is to what could be, and pursues their goals with an inspiring joie de vivre.

Meredith Borders

19 Jul Meredith Borders

“Talking about movies often means talking about everything,” Meredith Borders, the editorial director of Birth.Movies.Death., told me as we talked about the site’s hilarious, insightful, sometimes intense think pieces.

I can’t think of any better phrase to explain what makes Birth.Movies.Death. one of my favorite places to visit on the internet. “Art is about life and everything that goes into it,” Meredith continued, “and sometimes it’s vital context to discuss politics or matters of social import, because these are the events that are going to be influencing our art for years to come.” It’s this big-picture mentality, this ability to bring to life the ways that art, movies and culture both reflect and shape our world, this willingness to pause and meditate on what something truly means, why we are so touched by a scene, a line, a song or a character—all of that is what makes Birth.Movies.Death. so compelling. Plus, the writers are freakin’ hilarious. They're true movie and comic book nerds who let it all hang out when it comes to what they love, no matter how niche or “geeky.” But perhaps the best part of Birth.Movies.Death. (BMD as shorthand from here on out) is the kind of beautiful online—sometimes off-line—community that has organically grown around the site.
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14 Feb Mark Schettler

Let’s rethink this phrase: “I could really use a drink.”

I mean, after talking to Mark Schettler—bartender and general manager at New Orleans' Bar Tonique, president of the New Orleans Chapter of the United States Bartenders Guild, and total effing babe—you’ll probably rethink everything you’ve ever thought about bars, bartenders, and imbibing, anyway. But even if we just take that simple, oft-repeated phrase and tear it apart, what are we really saying? We’re saying we need relief. We need a moment to connect. We need help rising above. We want to smile. We need a way to let go. Mark knows all of this, and he has selected this one vessel—a well-prepared, transcendent glass of something boozy—as his way of making that small daily impact, that elusive incremental change, real.
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23 Jan Carly Hopps & Samantha Belden

During his final speech as President of the United States, Obama quoted Atticus Finch of To Kill a Mockingbird, saying, “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view. Until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.”

I will be transparent: this is a story written by a liberal woman about the journey of two liberal artists. This is not an attack on any political party, nor is it meant to normalize Donald Trump or his chosen cabinet. This feature is about this question: how do we, as Americans, move forward? It’s about two young women, Carly Hopps and Samantha Belden, who, after being devastated by the results of the presidential election, decided to drive to North Dakota. They needed to act. But as they traveled, their original intent—to protest at Standing Rock—transformed, forever changing the way they view those different from themselves.
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