We can see from here just how beautiful you are.

babe /bāb/:

A person that is open to the world around him or her, strives to be themselves in the face of inevitable hardship, sees beyond what is to what could be, and pursues their goals with an inspiring joie de vivre.

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20 Oct Wyatt Grant

“This is going to be hard to type out. I always think about that.” Chicago artist and Pool Holograph bandleader Wyatt Grant worries in the general direction of my recorder as he catches himself in-between drifting thoughts early in our interview.

When I tell him not to worry about it and insist he stops apologizing, he assures me with a laugh that he’s just getting started. That little moment, shared over a few beer cans in the teensy kitchen that marks the space between Wyatt’s bedroom and studio, sums up in a small way what makes Wyatt such a fur-reaking babe. Wyatt is incredibly generous and thoughtful—the kind of person that could anticipate and want to be sensitive to the pains of future me dutifully typing out our conversation. He’s open and honest, with receptive eyes, another example, and a laugh at the ready to invite you deeper into his ideas. And in his presence, through his example, you understand that it’s okay for you to lay it all out there, too.
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Neve Be

13 Oct Neve Be

In summer 2013, there was only one song that mattered: Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness.” Not because a remix of the track was on the radio or because the Born to Die backlash was starting to meet its own end.

No, dear babe-readers, it was because that was the summer I met Neve Be, and their performance of that song at an open mic night would mark the end of our brief but beautiful time spent in the same town in New Jersey. Since that lovely summer of midnight wanderings through dark small-town streets, impromptu crazy-dancing in otherwise empty bars, and incessant, mind-expanding conversation, Neve has moved to Oakland, a place that they say allows them to be all of the things they are, and things they didn’t know they were. Now, Neve has gone from being an incredibly busy and engaged artist, thinker, and activist to an almost inconceivably prolific version of all of the above...aka a full-time babe.
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07 Oct Stephanie Brown

Meeeerrroooowwww. A pained howl erupts out of Chicago tattoo artist Stephanie Brown’s “very rude” cat from time to time, interrupting us as we chat in her comfortable home studio in Logan Square.

As we sip hot tea on one of the city’s first chilly weekends, I get to look around at Stephanie’s space. Objects that vaguely resemble artifacts from some untouched corner of the world reflect and complement Stephanie’s sketches, drawings, and paintings, reminding me how much Stephanie loved drawing at the Field Museum when we met years ago. Now, Stephanie’s drawings of birds, flowers, bats, bugs, and much more are no longer confined to two dimensions—they live eternally on the skin of her clients. In just four years, Stephanie has become an incredibly successful tattoo artist, achieving creative autonomy at an unprecedented pace in a world that places heavy emphasis on seniority and experience by making some of the most beautiful tattoos I have ever seen.
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