We can see from here just how beautiful you are.

babe /bāb/:

A person that is open to the world around him or her, strives to be themselves in the face of inevitable hardship, sees beyond what is to what could be, and pursues their goals with an inspiring joie de vivre.


29 Aug Bear Bellinger

Bear Bellinger is a total babe. The Chicago-based actor was recently nominated for a Time Out Chicago Best Supporting Actor award for his work in Adding Machine: The Musical. He’s also a company member of The Fly Honey Show, a body-positive crew of performers currently taking Chicago by storm.

But beyond his on-stage achievements, Bear embodies all of the qualities that we use to define “babe” here at Babe Squad. He strives to be himself in the face of hardship, sees beyond what is to what could be, and passionately pursues his goals. He’s captivating, eloquent, and determined. He has fought hard to get where he is today, and he’s still fighting--for more than his own success, too. He's using his chosen career path as a way to shine light on important social issues and create change in Chicago and beyond.
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Jane Claire Hervey

21 Jul Jane Claire Hervey

Stop. You are smart. You are strong. You are independent. Carry on.

These motivational words greet you when you visit the #bossbabesATX website, and they line the walls of many of the quickly-growing, Austin-based organization’s events. But as beautiful and affirming as these words are, they just begin to hint at the stimulating, vibrant, supportive, diverse, and all-around wonderful world that is the #bossbabesATX community. This empowering organization has brought together and strengthened an unstoppable group of self-identified women who work in Austin’s creative industry. And it’s all due to a simple idea that #bossbabesATX founder Jane Claire Hervey had in 2015: get a bunch of badass, creative ladies together in one room. What came out of that one idea and one room is truly astounding.
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MonsterMuscles - 059

08 Jun Tina Stormberg

“What I’m probably going to wake up and do tomorrow is work on a muscle girl mural to go on the side of the store,” Tina Stormberg told me as we sat in her LA studio in March, taking turns petting a small dog named Stix she’s puppy-sitting.

“And I’m not quite finished with the Tina sculpture yet. She’s going to have a big ol’ ponytail, and I’m going to make her bikini sparkly. And I bought all of this clear tape because I’m going to make Lucite heels for her out of packing tape.” If that all sounds like beautiful, glittering madness, then you’re just beginning to experience the wonderful and surreal world Tina creates inside the storefront that used to be Dog Show—a mind-blowingly gorgeous shop that Tina and her best friend Anna Dewey Nance created and ran for four years. Today, 1361 Sunset Boulevard now hosts an even wackier enterprise.
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