Meredith Borders

Meredith Borders, Editorial Director of Birth.Movies.Death., is a totally badass babe. She talks to Babe Squad about building community, engaging thoughtfully with film, and just doing the damn thing. Full Interview »

Mark Schettler

Mark Schettler makes craft cocktails less about constructing the drink and more about being excellent to each other. He's president of the NOLA chapter of the US Bartenders Guild, and Full Interview »

Ayisha Jaffer

What if you just changed everything–picked up and left–and started over? What if you did it not to run away or chase something but just to fucking do it? That’s Full Interview »

Jane Claire Hervey

Jane Claire Hervey founded two suuuuuper dope organizations, #bossbabesATX and Babes Fest, to support self-identified women working in Austin's creative industry...and beyond! Full Interview »

Tina Stormberg

Dreamgirl Tina makes wild, wonderful art in Los Angeles that makes you feel like anything is possible, especially hilarious stuff you work on with your best friends. Full Interview »

Lost Girls Vintage

Two friends. One 1976 Winnebago RV. A shit load of killer clothes and a real eye for style. Put it all together and you have Chicago's Lost Girls Vintage, run Full Interview »

Leah Ball

Chicago-based artist Leah Ball is feminist as fuck--from her jewelry line-slash-photo series to her Pleasure is Power project and beyond. Full Interview »

Damn Gina

Austin's first all-black, all-female comedy improv troupe, Damn Gina, never laugh alone. They use their humor to reveal truth, fight against stereotypes, and shake up what's expected. Full Interview »

Adrienne Dawes

Adrienne Dawes is a playwright and theater artist based in Austin whose productions deal with our messy, often hilarious struggles with identity. Full Interview »

Jeremy Snevil

By day, Jeremy works in special education in New Jersey, but by night, he gets whipped onstage as he plays bass for the purposely over-the-top metal band he founded, Pink Full Interview »

Chani Nicholas

Chani Nicholas is an astrologer, healer, artist, activist, writer, and the shyest sage. She's based in the Bay Area, but her wisdom crosses every border online. Full Interview »

Dani Fankhauser

Dani's work ethic and love of the written word led her to develop a new app for book lovers, ReadThisNext. She now lives in San Francisco. Full Interview »

Liz Medoff

Through her critical creative practices, which include writing, listening, and art, Chicago-based babe Liz Medoff reveals and questions how our society deals with emotions and trauma. Full Interview »

Ryan Oksenberg

Los Angeles-based filmmaker Ryan Oksenberg talks to us about Charles Manson, love lessons, life lines, and learning to prioritize telling stories above all else. Full Interview »

Komal Das

Komal Das opened an ice cream shop with her dad in Budd Lake, New Jersey. Since then, this babe's learned to say "yes", even though her favorite word's still "no." Full Interview »

Our Wild Abandon

These two best friends and total fucking babes from Vancouver quit it all to hit the road and use their stunning photos to sustain their travel. Full Interview »

Joe Steinhardt

Joe founded New Jersey-based label Don Giovanni Records to support his local scene. He believes in independence, inclusivity, and the people he works with. Full Interview »

Meredith Kachel

Chicago-based comedian, illustrator, and anything-goes freelancer Meredith Kachel makes us chuckle as we talk about death and stuff. Full Interview »

Wyatt Grant

Chicago-based artist and Pool Holograph bandleader Wyatt Grant has a wandering, philosophical discussion with us about highs, lows, and tenacity. Full Interview »

Neve Be

Okland-based artist, writer, thinker, and activist Neve Be changed how we think about bodies, sex, love, and so many other things in-between. Full Interview »

Stephanie Brown

Chicago-based tattoo artist Stephanie Brown was able to strike out on her own early thanks to her incredible skill, dedication, and don't-fuck-with-me 'tude. Full Interview »

Katie Heath

Fuckkkk. Portland's Katie Heath, the eternally hilarious mastermind behind FLUNK LIFE t-shirts, has to blur that word out a lot on her Etsy page. Full Interview »